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I was out dancing with girls last night.  First, there was a new girl I was dancing with and teaching her how to dance and she was learning it.  I danced a couple of dances in a row with her, then her friends tried to interrupt the second dance.  Very rude.  I fended them off and finished the dance.  The girl was smiling and upbeat about me fending them off.  She had been reaching for me when the cockblocking started.  I explained to the girl that I don’t tolerate hijacks.

Then there was another girl I’ve known for a while.  She and I dance together well, but I only do basic stuff with her.  We chatted as we danced and were having a nice conversation.  Then another girl we know kept trying to block us, but at least she was being playful.  We avoided her, but she did it again when we came around.  It was playful, but still obnoxious.  I chided her about it afterwards.

Finally, I saw two lovely girls on the dance floor and offered to dance with both of them at the same time and we did.  The girls were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Then I danced with one solo around the floor and dipped her a couple of times and lifted her into the air once.  (When I lifted her, I was facing her and clasped my hands together behind her, then placed my clasped hands under her butt, then lifted her vigorously and she rose a couple of feet.  It was something that dads do with their kids.  Nothing creepy about it.)  She was laughing and having a good time.  I went over to the edge of the dance floor where her date was and one of the guys told me to go find other dance partners.  I chatted him up and disqualified myself.  “I’m married and am just here to dance.”  He wondered why my wife wasn’t with me and I explained that she doesn’t like country dancing because she had had a bad experience with the country crowd.  Disqualifying yourself is an effective way of disarming mateguarding behavior in men.