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Women sometimes act up.  They go on emotional rampages–the degree varies with the woman.  Why?  Is there anything men can do?

Let’s look at the reasons that women may drown a man in an emotional tsunami.  First, let’s look at stuff that are outside our control.

  1. PMS.   Give her space and don’t take her seriously.
  2. The Pill.  The pill’s effect on her cycle makes her a little crazy.  It might be best to discontinue the Pill.
  3. BPD.  Borderline Personality Disorder.  The woman is really a little crazy.  If you aren’t committed to her, best to move on.
  4. Bipolar.  Get her on her meds.  If she won’t stay on her meds, move on.
  5. Menopause.  A lot of the same effects as the Pill.  Same space as dealing with PMS when she’s off the deep end.
  6. She’s has been diagnosed as crazy.   If you aren’t committed to her, best to move on.

Now let’s consider stuff we can do when a woman acts up that we can affect.

  1. She’s looking for attention.  Maybe she has a smothering strategy because she wants to be smothered. (ht to Superslaviswife).  You need to discuss her strategy and that you don’t like this much attention.  And give her a little more attention instead of withdrawing.
  2. She feels like she’s married to a dud.  Increase your flirting with her.  Tease her, give her a swat, nibble her ear.  Remember the Gamer Maxim: “Flirt early, flirt often.”
  3. She has been looking in the mirror and feels insecure about her attractiveness.  Give her validation.  Tell her what you like about her looks and her body.
  4. She hasn’t been around her girlfriends much and wants some drama, especially involving the two of you.  She wants to connect to you emotionally.  Pick some slightly contentious topic to discuss with her.  Plan to get a little emotional when you discuss the topic.  Discuss the topic.  Be sure and make up afterwards.