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Some darker feline elements of the distaff sex sink their claws into a man’s emotions in order to draw blood and obtain his attention and love.  He over-invests his emotions in her and feels like a hare being stalked by a cougar.  Shy and fearful of her presence.  Defensive.  Unmanly.  Emasculated.  What to do?

Invoke the Gamer Maxim: “Pussy is just pussy.”  You’re just dealing with a broad and she is toying with your emotions.  The broad is messing with your amygdala, which governs your flight-or-fight response.  Soooo…instead of choosing to be ruled by fear, use the threat that you <I>feel</I> that the broad poses to cause you to invoke your inner hostility and aggression.  You morph from hare into wolverine.  Not even a cougar wants to mess with a wolverine.

Of course, this is all figurative.  You aren’t going to actually attack the broad…but you are going to go on offense.  Overtly sexualize your interaction with the broad.  Physically move her.  Kino her aggressively.  Laser her and pull her in.  Tell her what’s going to happen.  Use your figurative shiv to put her on the defensive.  Ridicule her accessories.  Ridicule her pants and tell her that she should wear a skirt.  Ridicule her taste in music.  Her taste in entertainment.  Make her qualify herself.  Compliance test her mercilessly.  Act like she’s boring.  Leave her without explanation.

If you have felt defensive around a broad, expect this to be an ongoing feature and plan accordingly.  Have some games ready to go.

Cougars tend to be older broads.  Older broads are harder to game and less attractive and less interested in sex.  Better to avoid them unless they are outliers in these areas.

Another thing that you need to do is standard stuff–options.  You need to be actively pursuing several women at the same time so that you can divert your mind if one broad takes too much of your attention.  Preselection by other women will make the cougar more disposed to value you highly.

NB: Acting aggressively works to help you deal with Oneitis.  The physical escalation and demonstration of hostility will help you by forcing the broad’s amygdala to reevaluate your sexual market value (SMV).  It will give you another, better shot at her.

NB2: If you are an older broad, you can fight prejudices against your age by being more sexually aggressive than younger women (this means that you have to observe how younger women behave), dress more femininely, grow your hair as long as possible, use hair supplement to improve the health of your hair, work on making your voice melodious, keep your disposition sweet at all times no matter how you are feeling, and <strike>be willing</strike> plan to pay for dates.