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This post is some really good shit about relationships.  Some of my best shit.  Smells wonderful!  What does it smell like?  Lilacs?  Hell no–fuck lilacs!  It smells like bacon.  The mouth waters.

Ok, let’s get into it.

Men often hate and fear shit tests.  Rollo Tomassi mentions this in his post Attitude Sells:

There’s a tendency I think for Red Pill aware men to view women’s Hypergamous / Solipsistic natures as hinderances to men effecting their own interests with them. Shit tests, filtering, sexual prospect comparison and a whole host of other conscious and subconscious vetting inherent to women seems like an insufferable waste of effort for men.

Following a comment thread based on this thinking, commenter SJF states:

 Become a student of shit testing. Study up and get good at identifying and parrying the shit tests. She is shit testing you because you are not good enough.

Heartiste recently ran an article about greater betas and lesser alphas getting hit with the most shit tests.  Just because you get hit with shit tests doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough.  It can actually demonstrate high value.  This is true for attraction shit tests.

I distinguish between attraction shit tests and relationship shit tests. Attraction shit tests are about whether a broad wants to have sex, while relationship shit tests are about whether a broad wants to break up with you or maybe wants to have sex with you will submit to you.

Mrs. Gamer will hit me with three or four shit tests in a row and I’ll recognize them before she has even finished spouting the first and I’ll simply cut her off saying, “Quit it!” with an authoritative tone, then the 2nd follows (“Stop it!”), etc. I’ll hardly even be aware that she’s doing it as I’m doing a task. After the brief testing, Mrs. Gamer will again be submissive and felicitous.

Commenter SJF also says, “Always, always react unemotionally to shit test, however you can.”

That is one option and certainly better than being emotionally uncontrolled.  It has the advantage of requiring little effort.  Anger is fine as long as you realize what is going on so that you will control your anger.  Sometimes you want to deflect the shit test with humor.  Sometimes you want to riposte with a shiv test.

Women love emotions and men who express their emotions.  Expressing emotions gives the man depth.  In Star Trek, Spock didn’t express his emotions often; a lot of men interpret Spock’s actions as very masculine.  However, Captain Kirk was also very masculine, yet he expressed his emotions often.  Women need emotional energy, including some drama, so it might be best sometimes to express anger in a controlled way.

Why would you want to riposte with a shiv test?  Because it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate dominance.  That makes it easier for your woman to submit to you.  Submission in a woman is sublime.  And feminine.

  • shiv test: testing whether a woman will submit; an example is where a man teases a woman about some mistake that she has made or something that she can and ought to correct about herself