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A commenter, anitvan, asked,

Ok first question 😀 are you a gamer in the traditional sense?

I mean video-gamer of course

This brings up the question, “What is Game?”  This is a controversial question which gains many divergent definitions in the manosphere, so I will simply state what I mean by “Game”.

Game is about how a man ought to live life and conduct himself among others.  It’s about leadership and strength and manly attributes.  It’s about lifting morale and manipulating others, which are leadership functions.

Game is about being fun and playing with people’s emotions.  Game is about getting what one wants from others–especially persuading them. Game is amoral; Game can be used for either good or evil purposes.  Game can be used to seduce a married woman or to keep your marriage intact.

Game is about facing reality and implementing tactics and strategies to achieve one’s objectives.  Game is about playing for keeps, taking risks, and improving oneself.

Game is about seducing virgins and selling cars.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) includes many elements of Game.  Everyone’s Game tactics will be different, though the principles are the same for all.

Game is about understanding people in a practical sense–how we think, how we behave, how we lie, etc.

Game is about avoiding social awkwardness and learning the social rules that govern us.

Game is about learning about reality and learning to re-program ourselves from the malicious program which doesn’t correspond to reality frequently called “The Matrix”.  A big piece of this for men is learning that most of what we’ve been taught about women is a lie also called “The Blue Pill”.

Game is about learning what body language and facial expressions mean.

Game is about learning what dominance and submission are.


  • manosphere: the bloggers who resist the Feminine Imperative and dominance of the feminine
  • Blue Pill: untruths, especially about women
  • Red Pill: info and true beliefs about reality