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Women are very sensitive about comments about their boobs.  Talking about their boobs will make them feel insecure.  You have to do this…dellll-i-cut-ly.

So, we will take advantage of women’s insecurity to put them on an emotional roller coaster.  Does he like my boobs?  Does he think they’re too small?  What does he think about my boobs?  Her uncertainty is your ally.  Use it effectively.  Don’t give away information about yourself or your feelings about her unless you really know that it will help you.

This game will make  a girl feel a little awkward.  That’s not a problem.  It’s still playing with her emotions and will generate attraction.  Being comfortable with making a girl feel awkward is a strong signal of confidence.  That confidence is attractive to women.

So, you will need a strong frame to make this work.  Lots of confidence.  Just remember that the hot 10 that all the other boys are afraid of is really just like any other girl on the inside.  So treat her like a bratty kid sister you love to tease.

We will throw something unexpected at her.  Indirect.  Hard to figure out.  Fun.  Playful.  Then we instigate for isolation.  If she goes with the isolation, great!  If not, we have still pinged her man-dar very hard.  We will become a huge blip on her radar screen.  We can instigate for isolation again later and maybe she will be more receptive then.

This game will show a girl that you can be playful, engaging, and clever.  That you can take risks and be sexual.  That you are sexually dominant.  All stuff that girls like in men.

So let’s get to it.

You (staring at her chest, puzzled, frowning slightly): Hmm.

Her (puzzled, slightly worried expression): What?

You: A minor problem.  Easily fixed.

Her: What???

You (slowly, staring at her boobs, evaluating, moving your head from side to side, playing with perspective): Your headlights…are…out of focus.

Her: So? (or she may keep silent…use the silence to build tension…be patient and wait a few seconds)

You: They just need to be brought back into focus.  If we go out to my [vehicle], I can probably find a tool to do it.


She will sense your desire.  This stimulates a woman’s libido.  To be desired by an attractive man is a turn-on to a woman.