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There are several ways that this game can go.  Which way you take it depends on the strength of your frame.

Broken taillight game depends on women’s fundamental insecurity–especially about their appearance and potential social embarrassment.

Version 1:

You (quietly, while looking down at her butt, with a concerned expression): Uh oh.

She looks over her shoulder at her butt, then at you quizzically.

You (same concerned expression, speaking slowly and deliberately and lasering her): You need someone to cover that up for you.

She (concerned expression and fearful tone): What’s wrong?  What do you see? (or something like that)

You: Stand still.  I’ll cover your rear so that no one can see it.

She: What is it?  Tell me!

You (touching her upper butt with an index finger): You’ve got a taillight out.

She gasps, then laughs and punches you in the arm.  You laugh after she does and not as long.

Only touch her butt if you feel entitled to do so.  It takes strong Frame to do that.

In this game, you are sexualizing and playing with the woman’s emotions–especially fear, then relief.  You are engaging the woman.  Knocking her off her feet.  Giving her a Shiv Test.  You are telling the woman that you see her as a sexual object and a potential partner.  You are demonstrating the ability to create Drama and manipulate the woman.  You are demonstrating the ability to lead the woman.  You are showing your masculine qualities.

If you touch the woman’s butt, then you are also demonstrating entitlement, which implies Preselection by other women.  Your touch also communicates that you expect the woman to feel comfort with you.  It is a time-acceleration strategy to speed up mating.

I have done this game several times recently and it has been received very well in every case.  I’ve done it with women in my social circle, with two waitresses, and with a random woman in a club.


Version 2:

You haven’t met this woman yet.  You are using Broken Taillight Game to open her.

You approach from behind and whisper in her ear: I’m surprised that no one has told you…

She (looking quizzically): Told me what?

You: Don’t move if you don’t want other people to see it.  It’s embarrassing.

She: What do you see?  Tell me!

You (slowly and deliberately, lasering her): You have a broken taillight. (touching her butt here is riskier since you are just now introducing yourself)

She gasps, laughs, and punches your arm.

I haven’t tried this yet.  Feel free to experiment.  I’ll try it and update it.