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This is a bottoms up approach.  Fathers, set the expectation for your children when they are teens.  This stuff will seem overly strict, but it’s all necessary.

Corral your women.  Wife and daughters.  Their Hypergamy must be restrained.  No Girls’ Night Out; Facebook and cell passwords are shared with Dad and Dad WILL be checking.  You may–no–WILL lose FB/cell privileges if you abuse your freedom.  No unchaperoned dates.  No slutty friends.  Dad WILL be interviewing your friends and checking up on them.  “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

Why do women need to be corralled?  Aren’t they the more sexually responsible and chaste sex?

No.  Women are just as broken as men.  Just as sinful.  Just as responsible for sexual immorality.  Women aren’t basically pure Madonnas who are “taken advantage of” by cads.  Because of their biological wiring, women tend not to initiate sex.  However, their biological wiring allows women to respond to men’s instigations.  Men are the instigators for sex, following their biological wiring to lead.  Because men are the instigators, White Knights mistakenly believe that men generally take advantage of women, blaming men for women’s sexual response.  Women are not sexual innocents.  It takes two to tango.

Hence, women need to be corralled if their Hypergamy is to be restrained.

Train your women to respect you.  Game all your women.  They should address you as “sir” or “lord” when in public.  Bring back the social context where men automatically had high status, one family at a time.

Work on having an Iron Frame.  Nothing that a woman does should rattle you and you shouldn’t be worrying about their things.  Even your wife should be treated like a bratty kid sister at times–when she’s misbehaving.

  • White Knights are people who take it upon themselves to protect women who need no protection.
  • Hypergamy is women’s tendency to seek out the best possible sexual partners.