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Grappling is a major piece of the dance of sex.  I mentioned grappling and shit tests in my post about Sexual Macrodynamics.  Shit tests are how women grapple when they are thinking about sex.  Shit tests test a man’s dominance and masculine dominance is what stimulates the sexual desire of women.  So, if a woman hits you with a shit test, don’t get all nervous or angry or think that you have to prove anything or even engage her logically or directly.  You don’t.  And a shit test isn’t a bad thing.  It’s a good thing that a woman hit you with a shit test.  She’s thinking about having sex with you and is testing your dominance.  The woman is trying to knock you off your feet and is being playful.  No matter her tone, somewhere inside the woman a program is running to play with you.

How do you dominate?  First, smile inside.  Leap and jump for joy.  Scream a rebel yell.  You should be in your happy place when this happens.  Be glad that you have muscles and a dick.  Attitude is the first step in dominating a woman.  Be a man–a happy, playful, strong man.  Play with the woman.

Now, once your attitude is screwed on straight, you need to dominate the woman.  A witty comeback is great.  That shows social dominance.  You could just grab her and hug her–lots of women love that.  Sweep her off her feet.  Dip her.  Knock her off her feet.  Play with the woman.  Give her a shiv test right back at her.  Make her respond on your terms.  But be playful above all.  Don’t get all obsessed and spergy and analytical.  Stay in your happy place.