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I was going out last Sat. night and told Mrs. Gamer that I would be home early.  Unfortunately, what with one thing and another, I ended up getting home just a little before one.  “Early” means around 11.  Oops!  I screwed up.

If I hadn’t told Mrs. Gamer that I would be home early, then coming home late wouldn’t have been so upsetting to her.  I knew that I was leaving home late and could have told her that I’d be coming back late.  Instead, she was waiting for me to come home early and this surprised and disappointed her.

So, this was a failure to set expectations properly, which is very important for a man in a relationship.  Setting expectations is a leadership function.  Sometimes things happen and not meeting expectations is unavoidable and those things have to be handled, too.  But we men have to set expectations accurately based on our info.