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Women typically and perhaps, biologically, are wired with deep insecurity issues.  They worry about their appearance.  Makeup.  Hair–including coloring it.  Accessories like shoes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, a purse, scarves.  Clothing.  Tattoos.  Depilation of the upper lip, arms, and legs.  Acne and other skin problems.  Their skin’s color–is tanning needed?  Do I look old?  Is my moisturizer working?

Women wonder, “Am I sexy?  Can I attract a sexy man?”  Rollo Tomassi writes about this at The Wall.

Women worry about their partners.  Is my partner happy?  Is my partner sexy?  Is my partner thinking about leaving?  Does my partner have an STD?

Do other women like me?  Do men or women think that I’m a slut?  Will other women ostracize me?  Are the dominant men giving me social proof?

All of these insecurity issues that women have are why I came up with my list of things that women need in order to mitigate their insecurity fears.

Women want to be liked and admired by both men and women, the attention of men, and to be desired by a sexy man.

All women want these things, from the ugliest femtroll to Helen of Troy.

If men are aware of these insecurity issues of women, it will help them in mating.  Play on women’s insecurities.

For example, look at a woman’s butt and say, “Uh-oh.  I see a big problem.”  She’ll quickly look over her shoulder and say, “What?”  She’s wondering if her clothing is stained, maybe with menstrual blood.  Fear of embarrassment.  Anxiety.  Then you say, “You’ve got a taillight out.”  Relief.  Humor.  Sexualization.  Engagement.  You’ve put her on an emotional roller coaster.