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How can a loving, accepting man be disgusting to a woman?  Surely, women appreciate men’s love, don’t they?

I was talking with a woman friend (I’ll call her ‘W’) at a bar over the weekend.  She used to go to the bar with her daughter-in-law.  However, this time her DIL wasn’t with her, so I asked W why.  DIL was caught fooling around.  Or maybe she confessed it in a fight.  I’m not sure because W didn’t say.  But that DIL was fooling around wasn’t controversial.

W said that her son (I’ll call him ‘S’) wanted to take DIL back.  Right now he is sleeping downstairs and DIL is seeing some man whom she met at a concert.  I told W that DIL shouldn’t have a cell phone or access to Facebook or do Girls’ Night Out.  W told me that, in the past, DIL has banged two men whom she met through Facebook.  This is a pattern for DIL from before she was married, according to W, but this is the first time that DIL has done it while married.  DIL has children from two men other than her husband per W.

W was extolling S’s willingness to take DIL back.  “He’s a good man with a good heart.”

So, S is supporting DIL’s children by two other men.  DIL sees S as pre-cuckolded by other men and tolerant of it.  DIL saw S as weak when they were first in a relationship and he was supporting her bastard children.  Now, S wants to take DIL back unrepentant and rebellious instead of divorcing her.  S has no options as regards other women.  DIL sees S as weak and unattractive.  Weakness in men disgusts women.  Weak men are sexually unattractive to women.  Love without strength is unappealing to women.  Men who accept women’s bad behavior are unattractive to women.  Women despise men who allow women to run all over them.  Mrs. Gamer confirmed all this.  W also is aware of the problem, but she is torn emotionally.

How do we men prevent women from running all over us?  Men must call women out on their bad behavior before it gets to be a habit.  I’m not saying that men need to be nitpicky about women’s bad behavior, but we men need to be sensitive to when women’s bad behavior becomes a problem that shows that a woman has no respect for a man.

Oh, DIL came in to the bar late.  I didn’t see her, but she saw me and squealed “Hi!” very loudly.  I walked out.