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Why do women go wild and want to bang rock stars, pro athletes, and other high status men?  Does their desire only depend on their testosterone level, which varies with her point in her cycle?  What about post-menopausal women?  They have no menstrual cycle and get no bolus of testosterone.  Do post-menopausal women ever experience a lot of desire?

I claim that women’s desire can be primarily opportunistic–especially when they are in social settings (e.g., parties, clubs, rock concerts, sporting events) where there is a group of other women and high-status men.  (I do not deny that there is also a cyclical component to women’s libido.)  This is a controversial idea.  Rollo Tomassi, who has done a lot of work that has helped many men, says that “Women’s sexual desire is also cyclical.”  (By “also”, Rollo means that there’s also a cyclical component to women’s desire.  Previously, Rollo had been comparing the testosterone levels between men and women in the paragraph from which the quote was taken.)  Rollo is a trusted authority and I am not currently trusted.  Nevertheless, I am an authority.  I have been a pickup artist.  I am accustomed to being attractive to women and can accurately read when they are attracted, both to me and to other men.  Why should someone believe me rather than Rollo?  Let me make the case based on uncontroversial observations about women.

Women throw their panties at rock stars.  Women in groups where there are high-status men show evidence of strong sexual desire.  Why is this?  Women play off of each other when it comes to deciding which men are attractive and also in terms of sexual desire.  We call this phenomenon “Preselection”.  There is a rock concert.  Women start screaming and throwing their panties at the stage.  There is competition for high status men.  The sexual desire of the group of women who are at the concert peaks.  This concerns the whole group of women.  When they leave and go home, the desire of those women ebbs.  This kind of behavior only manifests when women are in groups and the men are very high status.  This kind of behavior is opportunistic.

Pickup artists (PUA) take advantage of preselection and women’s competition.  They will invite women to their table repeatedly in order to have a group of women competing for the attention of the PUA.  Women will amp up their indicators of interest and their desire for the PUA will increase the more that they see other women showing higher and higher levels of interest in the PUA.  The PUAs status increases as he is able to get the interest of lovely women in a group.  This increase in his status feeds women’s desire for him and there is a positive feedback loop.  The greater the desire of women in the group, the more that they will show their interest in the PUA.  The more that women show their interest in the PUA, the greater will be the desire of women observing this display of interest.  When women leave and go home, their desire ebbs.  This kind of behavior clearly is opportunistic.

I have observed postmenopausal women all being attracted to a man who had just entered a dance venue and the women were all seeking to dance with him and ignoring the other men in the venue.  Their facial expressions showed high interest in this man and showed that they considered him to be higher status than the other men.  Again, this kind of behavior is clearly opportunistic and manifests even in post-menopausal women.

When women are in groups with a high status man is present, their libidos are opportunistic.

For a woman in a long term relationship with a man who isn’t high status, her libido will tend to be cyclical.