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I saw her.  Her white minidress was stunning against her dusky skin.  She was part of an international couple I saw at my occasional country dance bar.  He was Indian and I couldn’t tell where she was from–maybe from India, too.  I asked her to dance and she wanted to finish her beer first.  Something told me to ask her again.  I checked back once to see if she had finished, but she hadn’t.  The Indian guy was very friendly and there was a solid vibe among the three of us.  The guy encouraged the woman to dance with me.  I didn’t chat them up, but the subcomms were very open and accepting.  (Contrast this with the subcomms of a group where I danced with a smokin’ hot redhead just because the man she was with happened to be absent.  He was all over her in a protective way, kissing her and hugging her.)  I checked back a third time and the woman (I’ll call her ‘B’) had finished her beer, so I asked her to dance.

The dance was a triple-two-step.  Cha-cha-cha, cha-cha-cha, walk, walk.  Six count basic pattern in 4/4 time, which means that there were two basics in three measures (3 x 4 = 12 = 2 x 6).  I tried verbal explanations.  B did better, but still not good enough.  Then I strengthened my frame and told her to feel my steps.  B could feel my steps and concentrated on our connection.  Great.  We had a good connection and B was moving and having a good time.  B liked the country dance and music.  The culture, music, and dance were very different from anything in her previous experience and she liked the folksy feel.  There was an Eat, Pray, Love feel to her vibe.  B was In the Moment ™–lots of happy feelings.  B appreciated my instruction and commented on what a good instructor I was.  B could feel my lead and responded to it.  B was totally submissive and wanted my approval.

What did B look like?  She was wearing a white minidress which came down to six inches above the knee.  B was about 5’4″, so she wasn’t hiding a lot.  B’s face was about HB6–attractive, but fairly common.  Her body was delightful–she was maybe ten pounds over ideal weight and a little stocky.  B’s figure was an hourglass–she was very noticeable and several of my male friends had noticed her.  (Even my female friends had noticed us dancing together.)  The white dress contrasted nicely with her dusky skin.

At the end of the dance, I offered B my arm and she held it close against her breast.  I teased a little, changing direction to move away, and B chased, again holding my arm close against her breast.  Likely she was aware of wanting to keep me close and capture the moment as long as possible; B’s hindbrain was likely instigating for escalation.  B wanted to chat with me, so I chatted with B instead of dancing.  B is an IT project manager for an international company.  She migrates back and forth between the U.S. and Brazil every two weeks.  B wondered if I had been to South America, so I told her about my time in Venezuela.  I had met a girl in Caracas in a shop and, at her invitation, had gone with her to her neighborhood to meet some of her friends.  They had invited me to go camping with them in the mountains.  My father, being concerned about a possible kidnapping of his sons, had sent my brother and me along with one of his subordinates on a vacation where we had motorboated and fished in the Orinoco River.  We had slept in hammocks slung between support posts in uninhabited thatched roof native huts which had no walls.  We bathed in the Orinoco River as piranhas casually swam nearby.  We ate trail provisions and fish that we caught.

B mentioned Brazil’s fabulous beaches a couple of times and said that she loved the beach.  I wasn’t sure what to make of this.  It’s like I was missing a message.  I mentioned that where I live we have lakes, but no ocean beaches.  Maybe I was supposed to ask B if she had any pics of herself at the beach.

I danced some more dances with B and taught her country two-step.  B had some problems learning it, as she wanted to cha-cha sometimes instead of stepping.  I added swings on the steps and she stopped trying to cha-cha.  At the end of one of the dances, I went to move B’s hand to my arm and B mistakenly thought that I wanted to hold hands and she moved to hold hands.  That shows some level of comfort and openness to escalation.

My interaction with B was absent any noticeable 5h1t tests and proceeded very smoothly and comfortably.  B exuded a very comfortable sexuality and was feminine throughout our time together.  It was a lot of fun dancing and chatting with B!