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Men, don’t be this guy (I’ll call him ‘P’).  Superficially masculine.  He beds women quickly, but they dump him first.

P is very buff and in his prime at 30 Y.O.  He lifts weights and has a great body.  Copy P in doing that.  P wears T shirts and lifts his shirt to let women get a peek and the women just about orgasm.  Gasps and squeals.  Very sexual.  P grabs women’s attention quickly.  P tells sexual stories and amps up women’s emotions very effectively.  Copy him in doing that.

A woman with whom I was once dancing told me that she was winging for P.   I asked why.  She said that she would approach women that P was interested in to see how they felt about him.  Do you see the problem?  P is afraid of rejection.  Don’t be afraid of rejection like P is.

I was once dancing with P’s girlfriend before she had broken up with him and I noticed that P was lasering us.  He was watching us constantly as we danced.  This happened several times over weeks.  I commented about it to P’s girlfriend and she said that she had noticed it, too.  P’s girlfriend attributed it to insecurity.  P’s girlfriend broke up with him shortly thereafter.  (She continued to chase me, but that’s another story.)  Don’t laser women you’re involved with or interested in when they are with other men.  It appears insecure.  Don’t be like P that way.

You need a little background for the next story.  P’s girlfriend once stood in front of P with her back to him, staring constantly at me as I got my stuff and left a dance venue.  Weird and rude on her part.  Likely this had an effect on P which erupted later.

Also, P has a whiny, nasal voice and has lower-class speech patterns, which cause P to feel insecure.  He may come from a small town and may feel insecure about that.

I once entered a dance venue and noticed P chatting with a woman I used to dance with a lot.  The woman and I had a lot of chemistry.  P knew this.  P and the woman were initially sitting next to one another while they chatted.  When P saw me, he moved around to the other side of the table.  Do you see why?  He did it so that the woman would be facing away from me and wouldn’t see me.  Why did he care whether she saw me?  I concluded that P was attempting to seduce the woman and was afraid that I would c0ckblock him.  Totally false.  I was merely curious why he was attempting to seduce a woman who was so old.  P felt threatened by me even though I wasn’t hostile towards him.  Do you see why he felt threatened?  P felt hostile towards me and projected his feelings back onto me.  Also, our cultural backgrounds are very different and I project my family’s status.  Don’t let yourself feel threatened by other men and don’t project your feelings onto other men.  Don’t cause problems with other men when they aren’t deliberately provoking you.

P is able to attract women quickly (be like P this way), but he has trouble keeping them interested because of his fundamental insecurity (don’t be like P in that respect).