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How does a man amp up a woman’s sexual attraction to him?  Put another way, how does a man amp up a woman’s buying temperature?

Women are creatures of emotion.  They love emotional thrills.  This is why drama is so addictive to women–it gives them tremendous emotional ups and downs, like a roller-coaster.  The uncertainty of dramatic tension produces tingles.  When a man produces these emotional ups and downs, it causes a woman to focus on him and produces attraction.  Emotional variety creates more attraction than one-dimensional emotional play.  Watching a horror movie together can amp up a woman’s feelings and her sexual energy.

Dancing will often produce emotions in a woman.  Aesthetics of movement and melody and poetry from song lyrics.  Pleasure from being touched (women are very sensitive to touch).  Pleasure from being asked to dance by a good dancer.  Pleasure from being led well.  Pleasure from having successfully danced a complex pattern.  Pleasure from attention-whoring to the other women by showing off her dance skill.  Pleasure from the disorientation due to turning a lot similar to a roller-coaster effect.  Pleasure from seeing a man’s face, hearing his voice, and conversing while dancing.

Use push-pull to play with a woman’s emotions.  “I love you; I hate you; I love you; I hate you;”  You neg a woman.  (This is push-pull because a neg is a compliment with a mild insult.  It’s uncertain whether he means the compliment or the insult.)  You notice a change in a woman’s appearance, but you don’t say anything positive about it or else you say that it’s “kind of cool.”  (uncertainty!)  You pay attention to a woman.  You avoid her.  Rinse and repeat.  Women eat this uncertainty up and it drives them wild with tingles.  Women will typically respond with laughter.

Too much of the same emotion is boring to a woman.  So, you can’t be totally positive or totally negative.  Bitterness is a very strong spice and should be used sparingly.  The same is true for compliments and love-bombs.  Use them sparingly, too, and make them specific.  Playing with a woman’s emotions should be done at an energy level you feel comfortable with so that you don’t tire yourself out mentally.  Have some standard stories you can tell that don’t require much effort from you.

There is one emotion to avoid: Fear.  Fear causes a woman’s libido to tank because it generates lots of cortisol, which is the chemical antidote to tingles.  When women take a girl to the bathroom to cool her off, they generate fear in her–fear of being shamed and shunned by the other women and this fear then shuts off her libido.

“Fear is the lock and laughter the key to her heart.”

  • Neg: A compliment attached to a mild insult. E.g., “I kinda like your hair.”  “Your shoes are pretty.  They were in style last year.”
  • Tingles: The things that stimulate a woman’s libido and cause her sexual attraction to a man; typically this comes from flirting; stands for “vagina tingles”; the chemical agent for tingles is dopamine
  • Push-pull: creating a roller-coaster of emotions in a woman by 1. causing her fear of loss of your attention (pull) and 2. paying attention to her, including negging her, teasing her, and making her laugh/cry/etc. (push); the loss of your attention implies that she may lose the emotional roller-coaster, including the push side.