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I was out dancing at my new favorite country venue.  First, I danced with ten or so different women.  Some were attractive and some not.  The key is to dance with quite a few women.  The more women a man dances with, the more desirable he will be as a dance partner.  And lead/follow dance is always, at some level, vicarious sex.  (Sexual attraction isn’t necessarily involved, but it often is involved in causing a woman to accept a dance request.)  Hence, preselection becomes involved when a man dances with multiple women.  The more, the merrier, the higher his sexual attractiveness because of preselection.  If there are a lot of people at the venue, practicality will force you to limit your partners.

I started narrowing down my partners.  One left.  She’s a great dancer.  However, she was drinking wine and wasn’t dancing so well.  Too bad.

Another is friendly to me, but not that attractive, and if I pay her too much attention, it would bring undesired attention from her.  Two dances and she was out.

One I danced with and she refused my second request because she was chatting.  Not a great dancer and not attractive.

Another is somewhat attractive and I have known her a while, but she refused my dance request.

So I settled down to two partners who both dance well.  I was instructing one of them about dancing east coast swing and she followed very well.  A young, pretty girl–maybe early thirties.  I had just met her that night through one of my other partners.  We danced about ten or so dances together–sometimes three in a row.

The other dancer was a good two-stepper.  I took her through some power moves and she performed well.  She’s attractive and in her forties.  She giggles a lot.  I like her–she’s fun.

Once when I was walking over to ask the two-stepper to dance, another woman caught my eye.  I smiled and passed on and asked the two-stepper to dance.  Later, the woman who had caught my eye (I’ll call her ‘C’ for “cold approach”) approached me and begged me to dance with her.  I was willing to at the first, but she didn’t give me a chance to say “yes” and just kept trying to persuade me to dance with her.  I told her Ok and said I would chat with her while the line dance was going on.

C was a pretty good dancer and lived in a rural area where there weren’t a lot of good dancers.  C also leaned into me heavily as we chatted and chatted cheek to cheek.  Flirty.  She also moved to dance close with me once.  Flirty.  C was around 40 and attractive.  At the end of the evening, I told her I had to hustle home and she said that she’d like to dance again with me when she’s in town.