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drama trigger-warning, heh

I had a big argument with Mrs. Gamer yesterday.  I was being nice to her and doing her a favor.  Big mistake.  She abused my kindness.

Here’s how it went down.  We have a car in the shop, so I have to chauffeur Mrs. Gamer around or else she won’t get there.  I took her to church.  1 favor.  After church, Mrs. Gamer wanted to have lunch with a woman friend because of some drama the woman was going through.  So I agreed to wait.  I ended up going for a walk to pass the time.  Not a bad use of one hour.  I finished the walk and went to pick up Mrs. Gamer.  She wasn’t finished.  The friend suggested that I pull up a chair.  It would have blocked the aisle.  Her second suggestion was to sit at another table while they talked for another 15+ minutes.  Nope.  It was rude to even suggest this.  (The friend could have offered to bring Mrs. Gamer home, but she didn’t.)  I told the girls it was time to break it up.  The friend was unhaaappy.  Mrs. Gamer later brought this up.  I told Mrs. Gamer that she valued women’s time higher than men’s time.  She didn’t want to hear this.  I told her I wouldn’t put up with it.  That she was being ungrateful.  I raised my voice and used vulgarity for emphasis.  Mrs. Gamer also raised her voice.  This continued after we got home.  I got in my truck and left to go walk in the park.  Didn’t tell Mrs. Gamer where I was going.  Was gone a couple of hours.

I didn’t talk to Mrs. Gamer that night.  She was crying.  I went to hold her and she was still angry and shrugged me off, so I left.  This a.m. I waited til late to go see Mrs. Gamer (she is working at home) and briefly kino’d her shoulder and said nothing and left.  Later I made coffee for Mrs. Gamer and brought it up to her.  She said thanks and I was courteous and left immediately.  Mrs. Gamer came downstairs later for lunch and didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to her.  Finally, late afternoon, I walked into the room where Mrs. Gamer was working and bent and gave her a brief French kiss and she was receptive and passionate.  She did her usual flirting grab for my package.

A brief roller coaster extreme dip…then an upswinging promise of passion later…we’ll see what follows tonight.

Hold your frame, men.  Be laconic.