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Lovely ladies love to target hapless aerial drones with verbal missiles that cause the drones to crash and burn when approaching the target.  So how ought a clever gamer defeat the missile defense shield of feminine pulchritude?

PUAs have come up with the Neg.  It’s a clever way to lower the perceived beauty of a lass–in her own eyes and also ostensibly in the gamer’s eyes by way of her projection onto him.  Basically, a Neg is a mild insult cloaked in a compliment.  Hence, researchers at Gamer Laboratories have come up with “When you’re asleep” Game.  This is a device to deliver a Neg to the nether regions of distaff cupidity.

I’m sure you’re a beauty, when you’re asleep.

I’m sure you’re sweet, when you’re asleep.

I’m sure you’re an angel, when you’re asleep.

I’m sure you’re delicious, when you’re asleep.

Feminine loins will quiver with doubt when pounded confidently with Negs like these.  These Negs are a powerful bolt of mental energy delivered by a Jedi Master infused with the Force; they will pierce a missile defense shield with one hit, bursting her bubble.  Use them with care.  “With great power comes great responsibility.” –Obi Wan Kenobi