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Options are good.  Restricting your options to one possibility is bad economic strategy.  A man needs to maximize his options.  Women instinctively understand this principle, but men need to understand it logically and to internalize it.

Momma Gamer taught me to play the field.  She was saying to keep multiple options and not to get tied down to one person.  Even married men need to keep options in play in order to maintain their attractiveness to their wives.  Men who have no other options except their wives will quickly become unattractive to their wives.  So, for the sake of your marriage, you married men make sure that you have options.

Stephen Still said, “Love the one you’re with.”  Don’t let infatuation with one woman keep you from enjoying the company of another.  That attitude will help mitigate the impact of Oneitis.  Be around lots of women and enjoy their company.  Go out sarging at bars and to events in your social circle.  Go to dance lessons and to dance parties at dance studios.  Go to other events where you will find women, including hikes.

Meditate on the phrase, “Pussy is just pussy.”  Women aren’t up to men’s level in most things.  They can’t tolerate risk like men can.  Women aren’t nearly as strong as men are, pound for pound.  Women, on average, aren’t as smart as men.  Women don’t have the sexual drive that men do.  Women aren’t able to think as independently as men.  Women aren’t as creative as men.  You are a man, so be happy about that and realize the advantage that you have over women.  Even that female obsession that you have is just pussy, so don’t let your mind think about her much.

Finally, a lesser degree of Oneitis is TooMuchItis.  That is, you think about a woman more than her investment in you justifies.  So, take the same strategy that you would if you had Oneitis and keep your investment in a particular woman to an appropriate level.  Even married men need to avoid TooMuchItis.  The wife should be the first among several women; don’t give her too much privilege or access to your attention.  Save some attention to give to your other options.