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The tactic of reframing and shaming is a well-traveled road.  It is preferred by women to logical debate.  I learned about it from the Manosphere and it has helped me greatly in understanding women.  My wife and daughter both denied that women use it heavily.  I have seen women debaters use it heavily, but men seem to use it infrequently, preferring logical argument.  However, maybe I am relying on a skewed sample.  Maybe women bloggers are unusually selective towards reframing and shaming.

I went to see a counselor recently.  He gave me a worksheet about how to fight fair and what was unfair fighting.  Lo and behold, reframing and shaming made the list as unfair tactics.  Not in those exact words, to be sure.  However, calling names and insults made the list as well as diversionary tactics.  Shaming and reframing.

I discussed this with Mrs. Gamer.  She said that I must be dealing with low class women on the internet.  (This is the standard female NAWALT strategy.)  Mrs. Gamer doesn’t deny that she has reframed and shamed in the past.  She pointed out that men reframe and shame, too.  I pointed out that the occurrence among men is much less frequent.

Men don’t shame so much as insult if someone abandons logic and turns to illogical methods like straw men.  Insulting when debate is no longer helpful is what men do.  Women insult in order to avoid debate especially when they believe that they are losing a debate.  So saying that men and women do the same thing is misleading and unhelpful.  Context and purpose matter.

I haven’t seen men attempt to reframe debates very much.  Men usually don’t like those tactics.