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What would Warren Buffett say if he were coaching men about women?  He would say to invest wisely.  Time is a resource that should be invested wisely, just like money.  So Buffett would say not to put all your eggs in one basket.  Eschew Oneitis–don’t pursue one single girl.  Don’t believe the lies about a “soul mate”.  Don’t get trapped into thinking about one girl all the time.  Play the field.  Pursue multiple girls.

However, even if you avoid Oneitis, you still can make a mistake of investing too much time in one girl.  You might spend too much time with her or think about her too much when you’re not together.  Invest appropriately.  With Oneitis, you are in danger of Gambler’s Ruin, where you lose your entire emotional investment.  By investing too much time in one girl, you still risk too much of an investment.  Oneitis is carrying bad investment policies to an extreme.  Investing too much, but not all of your resources is still a mistake of the same kind as Oneitis, though not to the same degree.

As Buffett says, “Invest wisely.”