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“White knights” is a term for men who defend women who don’t need defending and who defend women’s bad behavior.  “Blue Pill” refers to a pack of lies about women that has been sold to men.  Such lies include “women would be pure if not for men taking advantage of them”.

These white knights delete comments that they don’t like.  Spawny’s Space is one place I no longer frequent because of comment deletion.  Another is https://affairwithcoffee.wordpress.com/ which I call “Cheater’s Paradise”.

Not worth commenting either place.  Ideas need debate and comments are the place to do it.  I don’t delete comments here.  I might delete outright spam sometime.

Over at Cheater’s Paradise, these yoyos reframe and shame.  This is a typical female debate tactic, but the manginas (men who act like they have vaginas) do it there as well.  They blame my comments on my autism instead of debating the ideas.  Really 5h1tty low-life tactics.