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Confusion.  They are conflicted between attraction and conscience.  So, they try to torpedo a friendship.  Or because they aren’t sexually attracted a lot but they see nice guy traits that women find appealing for a relationship.  Maybe she sees him as a stable provider rather than as a sexy man.  Perhaps the woman isn’t sure how she feels about a man.  Women’s attraction is more complex than men’s; perhaps she needs a little time to process her feelings.  Or perhaps the man has done something incredibly masculine (i.e., he has demonstrated high sexual value) which causes her sexual computer to reevaluate his attractiveness.

Men need to understand how to parse mixed signals from a woman.  Is she looking for a husband or LTR?  Does she see the man as a beta who will provide resources?  Is she strongly sexually attracted to you?  Is her conscience bothering her because she would be poaching?  Does she not want to be the “Other Woman”?

What are some other reasons that women might send mixed signals to a man?