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I was in a Salsa class last night and the dance instructor was giving instruction about a step that required a man to place his forearm on the woman’s ribcage just below the breasts and compress.  The instructor said that women will be put off if a man touches her breast with his forearm.  I was thinking that the class was getting creepy because of this nonsense.  If there is b00bal contact, usually it’s because the woman wants it, in my experience.  If the b00bal contact is accidental, then the woman’s response is typically either to ignore it or smile and encourage it, from what I have seen.

This was confirmed by the reaction of a woman in the class.  She said that she wouldn’t mind a little b00bal contact–they don’t get much attention anyway.  This woman was refreshingly Red Pill and said what men needed to hear–that women like sexual attention.  She got my attention with her remark along with respect; I like her, too–even more because of her honesty.  Most men who heard that probably felt the same way.  It’s good strategy for women–advertise that you like sexual attention.  Better than saying, “I don’t need sex” or “I’m over men.”