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It is frequently thought in the world of the Blue Pill that PUAs and other men actively seek one night stands.  They think that those nasty, evil pickup artists are looking for women to pump and dump.  Barring the occasional short-term business trip, such is not the case.

Why would anyone seek one night stands?  Notch count?  Most men care about getting sex, not their number of notches.  This includes PUAs.  One night stands are an inefficient expenditure of resources.  Unless a ONS falls into a man’s lap, fortuitously, a man will likely have to make seventeen approaches and go on ten dates with seven women before he will get sex.  Let’s suppose that he spends fifty dollars per date.  He will spend $500 to get sex.  For a ONS, better to hire a prostitute.  He will get professional quality sex and a guarantee that she will leave.

This analysis neglects the time factor as well.  A man looking for sex will likely have to text the women he has approached, spend hours chatting each one up, etc. during the process.  Again, a prostitute would be a better option than a ONS.  If a man is looking for sex, he is better off looking for a woman with whom he will want to have sex multiple times.  A plate that he spins for a while.

ONS’s are too big an expenditure of resources for men.  And he will get sex twice a month if he is lucky, figuring a couple of weeks of dating before sex occurs.   For women, ONS’s are almost no cost, of course.