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My amused mastery frame is being tested in my social circle.  Busybodies are chattering because I went dancing in my social circle with a friend who I hosted since she didn’t know the venue.  I danced every dance with her except two.  No other men asked her to dance even though it was obvious that she could dance.  I’m married and the busybodies put on their boring, judgmental wigs and robes.  I wasn’t doing much kino–just minor incidental stuff.  Our body language was like we were friends, which we are.  My friend is a candidate for my open position of preferred dance partner.  Not exclusive, but she would be given preference in dancing.  She’s charming, fun, sweet, and a great conversationalist, besides being a fine dancer. Going out with her on a platonic date is a good time.  It’s easier to find a girlfriend than a preferred dance partner.

So, the next night, a bunch of women from a nearby town who are in my social circle wouldn’t dance with me at another venue.  I wasn’t drunk and I couldn’t think of any other reason for them not to dance with me.  I danced with several younger women not in my social circle, but a bunch of women in my social circle were cold.  Come to think of it, the men from that town were cold as well.

I can’t allow their coldness to destroy my frame or vibe.  I went to a different venue and had a great time.