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What is good makeout technique?  And why am I an expert on it?

My college girlfriend told me that I was the best makeout that she knew.  She was a very pretty girl who dated a lot.  So I was ahead of lots of other men.

Within twenty seconds of starting to make out with me, her eyes were unfocused.  In fact, she told me that she could merely think about me and start to lubricate.  That’s the impact of good makeout technique–the quick arousal of desire.

So, what’s involved in good makeout technique?  Is it sticking your tongue down a girl’s throat?  Gag me!  Heh.  No, good makeout technique is about teasing…impacting multiple targets (tongue, neck, eyes, earlobes, back, @$$)…alternating between sequential and concurrent stimulation…it’s about knowing when to quit stimulating one target and moving to the next…it’s about going aloof, then reengaging…using the tongue to spar with…knowing the erogenous zones…good makeout is about vocalizing your desire with moans and grunt…it’s about saying things like, “I want your @$$”…good makeout technique is about knowing where to makeout…sometimes you pick her up and throw her over your shoulder, then lay her down on a bench, give her a quick French, then walk away and make her chase…it’s about cornering her so that her back is against a wall with your arms blocking her escape as you laser her and smirk.

But first you usually have to get her to go outside with you.

Beware of too much rapport…that can lead to desexualization and the loss of desire.