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Submission by women to their men gets a lot of negative commentary.  The prevailing view is that women should have an equal say in a relationship–which is equalitarianism.

Do most women really like equalitarian relationships?  Can a woman get into an equalitarian relationship with a hawt guy?  Lessee…if a man is hawt, he will be dominant, but he must also let her have an equal say in the decision making.  Women who want hawt guys in equalitarian relationships want fried ice–it’s an absurd idea.

So, if women want a dominant man who is hawt, then they must necessarily submit to him.  Submission allows a relationship with a desirable man.  Good thing!

Let’s suppose that a woman is in an equalitarian relationship.  Both she and her man share equally in decision-making.  The reality is that the man will likely defer to the woman; the man will end up being the submissive partner.  The woman will gradually find him less and less appealing and more and more despicable.  Equalitarian relationships end badly.  Submission is really the only alternative.

Let’s suppose that a woman is in a relationship with an undesirable man.  The funny thing about women is that they can back-rationalize all kinds of things to make their lives happier.  A woman who submits to an undesirable man will back-rationalize things about him that are unattractive as being irrelevant and magnify the importance of things about him that are attractive so that the man ends up being desirable to her.