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I was at my favorite country bar where I dance a lot.  There was a couple there and I knew the woman (N).  At first I didn’t realize that I knew N, but I eventually remembered.  Likely she remembered me.  Anyway, N was very diffident about her skill.  I led N in a 20-step, which is choregraphed progressive couples dance…a set pattern that repeats and progresses around the outside of the dance floor.  N followed very well and it was a pleasure to dance with her.

Later on, I also danced country two-step with N; she followed very well.  And in cowboy cha-cha, N complied with my instructions and we had another great dance.

The man N was with didn’t object to N dancing with other men.  He wasn’t much of a dancer and she was there to dance.  I observed the couple conversing occasionally, but there wasn’t much touching going on for a long time.

It was near the end of the night.  Very few dancers left.  I wanted to dance a last dance with N, then leave.  So I looked for an opportunity to ask her.  I saw the man doing some kino* on N, so I refrained from asking her to dance.  She seemed to be accepting of the kino.  There were some brief kisses.  N leaned on the man.  She began to kino the man.  However, once his hand went a little too low on her butt and her body language changed.  Too much too fast.  She shifted away from the man.  He began looking at his cell.  The seduction was over.  N was watching the dancers.  I approached, asked her to dance, and she replied exuberantly, “Sure!”

A very lovely woman.  Relationship material if she is any good in bed.

*Kino: kinaesthetic touch