Started reading a sci fi novel and got tired of it.  I’m listening to my classic country station.  Puts me in mind of last night dancing at my country bar.  Great time!  A friend celebrated his birthday.  He’s a fun guy and his wife is a fine gal.  He chases cows for fun.  Amateur roper.  His wife is a roper, too.  Ropes him into dancing, which he actually likes.

The Iowegians were in town.  Great folk.  Fun & good dancers.  I remembered one who I ran through some advanced moves in West Coast Swing and she did them well. Telemark to a drop.  She ended up turning 3/4 to a slowly-lowering dip.  A really cool move and chancy in social dancing, but we had a really good connection, so I went for it.  Transitioned immediately into a rollout.  Looked like I threw her into a spin away from me.  Another cool move.  I caught her side and rolled her back in, spinning her the other way.  I caught her cross body and pulled her into a lean.  Super cool.  Gals love it when men have their hands all over the gals’ bodies.  She ate it up.  All done to the staccato beat of the music.  We had a dance-gasm.

I danced with a married gal–a beginner at country two step.  Oh, man!  She was lasering me with her eyes and smiling sweetly.  I was in love.  I smiled at her and lasered her back, off and on, checking floor traffic.  Her smile broadened.  We had a great emotional connection.  Very romantic.  The gal danced wonderfully well.  She executed very smoothly and accurately all of the moves which I led.  Dancing with this gal was a sublime joy.  I only danced a couple of dances with her, but we had two dance-gasms.  She’ll remember dancing with me for a while.

It got to be about 1 a.m.  I saw a woman whom I thought I knew.  A blonde wearing an ultra-short skirt with low-cut top with boobs on display.  I asked her if we had danced before.  She wasn’t sure, but wanted to dance with me.  So we danced.  Her hand, which ought to have been on my arm or chest or shoulder was on my lower back.  Hmmm.  Figured she had plans.  Yep.  She moved it lower. Hunh.  How to explain what happened?  Touching that, no way to put it in a classy way, but I might take a crack at it.  Cheeky, on her part.  Wooden u no, she moved to dance tight–thigh2thigh.  Heh.

Ok, gonna sign off and enjoy my second martini.  Cheers!