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@ Questions for YaReally HABD et. al.

Was dancing at a swing dance party last night in my black cap, black western shirt, 501s, and black cowboy boots. Distinctive, inappropriate appearance.  IDGAF vibe.  New place–didn’t know anyone there. Only one rejection all night.  Mostly high school/college-age and 20-somethings. A woman approached me and asked me to ask her to dance when it was convenient. 42 yo twice-divorced blonde HB7 with her brunette 17 yo daughter in tow. Daughter was also a 7.

Asked blondie to dance and danced with her a bit, then left her to dance with some others. Danced with daughter before I knew they were related.

Asked blondie to dance again and we danced a lot. Then we stopped because she wanted to chat. Talked about her ex’s and that her life is wrapped around her kids. Gave off a strong Mom vibe. I started losing interest.

Turns out we also graduated from the same high school, decades apart. Blondie mentioned that she used to chase boys.

We started discussing the book I’m writing and doing research on. That led to me revealing my pickup past in high school. Didn’t actually say that I had been a PUA, but it was obvious.

Blondie was talking about God quite a bit during our convos. I ignored it and redirected the convo. Figured it was chode bait. I talked about how the churches are so asexual that it puts obstacles in the way of attraction between the sexes. And talked about how the Song of Solomon is filled with sexual references (with no mention of the Deity).

I got out some mint gum and Blondie wanted a stick, too. We were chatting standing or sitting facing each other with our faces six to eight inches apart. Within the kiss zone. Blondie avoided my laser-eye attempts. She started responding to my slow vocalization by holding gaze, then back to avoiding my laser-eye attempts. Wasn’t kinoing her because of the kid, except for incidental arm contact. She wasn’t kinoing me much.

I asked blondie what one thing about her life she would change and she said she’d like to get out of her rut she’s in. Blondie also told me that she was pretty wild as a teen.

Anyway, after a lot of dancing I got very warm and wanted to go out in the cool night air and Blondie was happy to accompany me.

So we chatted a bit, then I suggested a walk and we walked arm in arm. First overt kino of the night. (Also my first walk/relocation/overt kino with a woman I just met in several decades. Inhibitions are falling.) Lots of talk of the Deity from blondie. Turned me off even more. Didn’t even want to kiss her. She said she was cold and wanted to go back. Figured it was the ball and chain. C0ckblocked.

More convo. Blondie criticized public schools for discussing orgasms in sex ed classes. She was sexualizing the convo. She said that I was into her because of how much time I gave her. (Actually, my interest was more related to getting background for my book and practicing my convo skills since I haven’t been doing much convo–just dancing a lot.) Blondie asked me if I go to church. Christian screening question for a relationship. I answered her question.

Blondie was talking about wanting a regular dance partner several times. I suggested that she go with me to my country dance bar. She said this weekend was out. Had her enter her cell no. and she confirmed receiving my text.

Thinking this over later, I realized that I shudda suggested the “Let’s not let the kids catch us flirting” game as a way to derail c0ckblocking.

1) Observations?
2) Suggestions about how to proceed?