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TMI warning.  Proceed at your own risk.

Mrs. Gamer hit me with a nuclear 5h1t-test.  “No sex until you pass a battery of STD tests.  You have to pay for it, too.”

This came about because I had mis-calibrated Mrs. Gamer’s insecurity.  I had gone ghost for almost two days a while back–I had done Nuclear Dread; two weeks later I stayed out until almost 2 a.m.  Mrs. Gamer didn’t go ballistic over my disappearance, but she wigged out when two weeks later I stayed out very late.  (I actually left the bar at 1 a.m. and had gotten to the bar late and was merely chatting with some friends for the last couple of hours.   The bar is quite a ways from our house.)

So, did I submit to Mrs. Gamer’s test?  Hell no!  I didn’t force anything either.  She followed that up with a demand that I ejaculate outside.  Again, ain’t gonna happen.  Finally, at the end, she immediately hopped up to go to clean herself in the bathroom, which is not SOP for her.  I left the bedroom and slept downstairs.  Didn’t say anything.  No cuddling for her.  She didn’t care at that point.  We had a few days of emotional subzero.  Then, Christmas, Mrs. Gamer came to visit me at my computer and offer an olive branch.

We had some fun makeup sex and for some other events as well.  Eventually it got to the point last night that I had lost interest in sex because Mrs. Gamer had been whiny and b1atchy.  She, however, became the aggressor and seduced me.  Then, this morning, she pointedly marked me on both cheeks with her red lipstick.  A territorial claim.

What a change from the Nuclear 5h1t-test of only a few days previously!

I changed her emotional chemistry in just a few days.  I did lots of beta stuff.  I gave her lots of compassion.  Attention via textual flirting.  I took her to eat at a couple of restaurants that she likes (one was inexpensive but the other was a little pricey).  Lots of compliments about her looks.  I told her that she was my no. 1 gf.  I told her that I’d rather be fighting with her than making love to some other beautiful woman.  I took her dancing.  Beta stuff.  Massive comfort was needed.  Still is and will be for a while.

I was very Machiavellian in handling Mrs. Gamer.  Of course, it was all for a good purpose.  And it shows the effectiveness of my relationship strategy which I outlined at my relationship post.