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No, not bondage sex…bonding sex. Sex bonds a woman to a man. During orgasm, a man releases a deluge of dopamine. Women, however, release oxytocin during orgasm. Oxytocin is the compound that causes emotional bonding…women to men from orgasms…women to babies at childbirth…women to men and men to women while dancing a lot with one partner. If a man wants to secure a woman’s loyalty, it behooves him to make sure that she gets the Big O a lot. Keep her system flooded with oxytocin.

How do you make sure that your woman gets the Big O?  Jackhammer pounding of the cock in the vaj.  In spoon or doggie grip her shoulders from behind and hit it hard and fast.  Let your hips pound her butt.  Grunt, moan, and generally let her hear your pleasure sounds.  Tell her how good she feels and how beautiful she is.  Tell her how much you want her.  Talk dirty if that’s her thing.  Do as much foreplay as she wants.  Play with her nipples and squeeze her boobs.  Let her handle the mouse vibrator herself.  Tickle her ass if she’s up for it.

Why does jackhammer pounding work?  Haven’t we been told that women like sex to be quiet and romantic?  Why do women like it rough?

Some important facts about the clitoris has been discovered fairly recently.  It turns out that the clitoris is a great deal larger than had been previously thought.  The clitoris extends throughout the vulva.  It wraps the upper three inches of the vaj and has wings that extend towards the hip sockets.  When the clitoris gets erect all throughout the vulva, violent collisions of the man’s hips with the woman’s butt causes the tissues of the clitoral wings and bulbs to compress from collisions with surrounding tissues, resulting in a cascade of sexual impulses to the woman’s brain.  When the tissues of the clitoris become erect, they compress the upper three inches of the vaj, making the vaj tighter and increasing pressure when the cock slides through it.  Increased pressure means increased sensation and more sexual impulses to the woman’s brain.  You don’t need to directly finger the clitoris to stimulate it; jackhammer sex will stimulate it a lot.

Desire.  That is 9/10 of a woman’s sexual pleasure.  She wants to be desired by a desirable man.  When she is wanted by a man whom she thinks is hot, her emotional pleasure cascades and her hindbrain goes into overdrive.  Sexual impulses are magnified and she can orgasm very quickly.  So, be her alpha–her hot man–whom all the other women want but she actually gets.

Size matters.  Be the best that you can be.  You can make it larger and harder and you don’t need Viagra.  Just get your woman naked on her hands and knees with her legs spread and her face and butt facing you.  See if you don’t max out.