A lot of times, men don’t know that they are good looking. They think of good looks in terms of a woman’s beauty. Soft, feminine, beauty. Regular features. Long dark eyelashes. Beautiful eyes. Tom Cruise, Robert Downy Jr., James Caviezel.




Some men don’t have soft features or beautiful eyes, but women still find them kissable. Manly men like Yul Brynner.


Manly men often don’t know that women find them physically attractive. They have high-testosterone facial features, which women find attractive, but which the men don’t recognize as attractive because the men think of feminine beauty as attractive, but not high-testosterone facial features. So the men are ignorant of their own looks. Even when they discover that women find them attractive, the men attribute that to things other than looks.

I discovered recently after decades that women find me kissable. How did I discover that? I thought back to my college days. A friend called me over to meet his gf and we all chatted. Pretty soon a woman comes over and is introduced as the sister of the friend’s gf. We all chat some more and my friend suggests that the sister and I go get acquainted. She has a pretty, baby-doll face, and is slender, but flat chested and has wide hips. Medium height, so not dumpy, but a disproportional body. Kissable, though. So I go with her and we chat. She has a bf and talks about him. We agree to meet the next day for a study date. So we meet in the library seated in chairs across from each other, facing. She starts looking over her text at me. I wonder what is up with that. I figure that she has a bf and is loyal. This goes on for 10 min. Eventually I went over to ask her what was up. She leaned forward towards me, lips parted. She wanted to kiss me. We made out for an hour each day in college, in the hall of her dorm. I finally realized that this indicated that she found me kissable. If her, likely others. Mrs. Gamer rates my face a 7-8. Blonde eyelashes, regular features, ears stick out a bit too far and eyes are set a bit too close together. Eyes aren’t great, but eyebrows are thick, though with some blonde hair. Nose is straight and prominent. Cheekbones are high, as is the forehead. Complexion is a bit ruddy with no acne. Jaw is manly. High-testosterone.

Women tell me that I have a cute grin and dancing eyes, so my facial expressions add to my looks.

Anyway, this is why men have difficulty rating their own looks. We don’t understand how manliness in looks affects women’s perceptions.