“Preselection” is how women are affected by the opinions of other women about a man’s sexual attractiveness.  Women respond to attractive men differently than to unattractive men.  When women see how other women respond to a man, this affects their estimate of a man’s sexual attractiveness.

Men don’t work the same way.  Men are affected by a woman’s beauty, age, and sluttishness.  The opinions of other men don’t affect a man’s estimate of a woman’s sexual attractiveness.

In the Song of Solomon, we see women speaking about the incredible attractiveness of the male lover.  We do not find a corresponding group of men speaking about the female lover.

your name is oil poured out;
    therefore virgins love you. (SoS 1:3)

Where has your beloved gone,
    O most beautiful among women?
Where has your beloved turned,
    that we may seek him with you? (SoS 6:1)

Notice that in the first reference, the female lover knows about the interest of the unmarried women.  In the second reference, the women are speaking with the female lover.