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An autist generates a lot of discomfort in neurotypicals.  Comfort is essential in mating, especially for women.  Therefore, an autist needs to be able to detect signs of stress (which occurs when there is discomfort) in women and know how to generate comfort in women to alleviate the stress.

A woman under stress will be exhibiting signs of flight.  She will be looking around the room.  She may be frowning or displaying a forced smile.  The woman will not be leaning towards you.  She may face away from you (a sign of high stress).  A person under stress will often fidget.  The woman will likely be avoiding eye contact with you.  Even if someone likes you, they may show stress by giggling nervously.  You still need to comfort them.

Here’s how to comfort someone.  Speak their name when talking to them fairly frequently–say once every three or four times that you speak to them.  “I think you’re right, Ann.”  Smile warmly and genuinely at them.  Attempt to make eye contact.  Move your head a little ways away from theirs.  Tell a joke that almost always causes a laugh.  You’ll need to have several of these ready to go on a moment’s notice.  After the joke, ask questions to get the woman talking about herself.  Especially, ask questions that lead to deep rapport.  Rapport establishes a lot of comfort.  Have several of these questions ready.  You will need to figure out ahead of time an order in which the questions should be asked.  Some will create discomfort unless there’s some preexisting rapport which you can create using questions which don’t create discomfort but generate some rapport.