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Funny thing, when I was chatting up the 10, it was because I was trying to figure out why I thought that she was married when she was actually single.  When I discovered that my assumption was mistaken, it really threw me for a loop.  While chatting, I was building rapport and working out logistics.  Huh?  I was gaming her automatically.  I had just automatically gone into my natural game and totally bypassed all my inhibitions.  No conscious decision was involved.  And she was working with me on logistics–obviously into me.  She had invested a lot of compliments in me–building rapport from her end.  She was also asking questions to build rapport.  The 10 was doing girl game.  Then her wingcouple from her church cockblocked (probably thinking, “WTF?  Why is our friend interested in this old, creepy guy.”) and they left with the 10.  (Which was actually Ok since it gave me time to figure out what was going on.)  And I simply turned and walked away without looking back.  She got some of my valuable time and attention.

With a church girl, you have to figure out if it’s a façade or sincere.  Until you know, go slow with 9’s and 10’s.  If sincere, you have to be careful how you sexualize.  You need lots of humor and have to keep adding comfort all the time.  The sexualization needs to be indirect, except for a little kino.  Here’s the dope on personal sexualization.  Going outside, then holding hands is the go to move, with a walk outside, then a kiss.  Patriarchy stuff that a lot of sincere church girls expect.  You might not even get a kiss during that walk even if the chick is really into you.  Patience.  Been there, done that, married one.