What is it like to be autistic and sexual?  How high are the inhibitions against sex for an autistic boy or man?  What are they?  How do you deal with them?

I was a pickup artist from 15-18 years old.  I engaged in petting, but no sex until I was 18.  I had tremendous inhibitions.  First off, I always thought that I would be taking advantage of girls.  Very blue pill.  I had been indoctrinated with that idea like most guys.  (The reality, of course, is that girls were generally into the sex as much as the guys were.)  Second, there were the admonitions from my mother.  Third, there was the admonition from God.  Then there were the worries about pregnancy and STD’s.  There were condoms back then, but girls weren’t on the pill.  Otoh, girls back then didn’t do oral very often, so the idea of kissing a girl didn’t present any images of her with someone else’s cock in her mouth.

So, I petted a bunch of girls but never really wanted to have sex with them.  I didn’t purchase condoms beforehand because of the inhibitions that I had.  None of the girls really were attractive enough to me to get me to push hard for sex.  That all changed with a girl I’ll call “Sonja.”  She was extremely attractive–a 9.  Even though I didn’t have condoms, she was on the pill.  Yeah, I was stupid and went bareback.  (Thankfully, no STD’s presented.)  Even with the attraction, the inhibitions still were immense.  In addition, Sonja and I were in the same circle of friends.  She could have given me a nuclear rejection, so there was another huge inhibition from that.  Also, Sonja was engaged, so there was the inhibition against cuckolding another guy.  It took me many seconds to be able to “pop the question.”  “I want to make love to you.”  During those seconds that Sonja waited while I struggled, questions arose from my inhibitions and I had to deal with them and overcome them.

Fast forward several decades.  Now I’m married and have my vows as inhibitions.  God’s commandments mean more to me today than they did decades ago.  In addition, oral sex is common, so the idea or kissing a woman presents images of her with another guy’s cock in her mouth.  I wonder if another guy’s sperm are swimming in her mouth and throat.  I wonder what STD’s she’s carrying, since STD rates are much higher today than they were decades ago.  My inhibitions today are even higher today than they were when I was 18.  They are probably a bigger obstacle to me than ASD or LMR ever would be.

That should give you some idea about the inhibitions of an autist.