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Autists tend to be strongly rule-bound.  I was brought up to follow the Ten Commandments.  One of the Ten is “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”  Hence, when I was hitting on my fling back in college days, when I was trying to ask her to make love, I also had to overcome my own internal rule against adultery.  This rule was part of my big difficulty in being able to ask the question.

Rule-following continues even after marriage.  Hence, I find the rule against adultery to be very influential when I am in social situations.  Let’s suppose that I see an attractive woman.  I might very well go into bird dog mode and seek to spend time talking/dancing with her.  However, my libido never gets involved–there is no physical response.  I can just enjoy the chemistry because of the way that my autistic brain is wired without having to worry about compromising my vows.