So, a shrink finally diagnosed me as having mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The problem is exacerbated by high intelligence. None of this will matter to my family, of course, since all they want to do is blame me for stuff. Despite being very high functioning, autism DOES affect me. My buttons are more sensitive and cause greater anger than the buttons of neurotypicals. (Neurotypicals are people who don’t have ASD or other social/developmental disabilities) I shut down sometimes. I have trouble distinguishing conversational breaks, so I interrupt people more often than neurotypicals do. I sometimes have trouble reading facial expressions. I sometimes talk too long about an obsession, boring my listener (this is one aspect of something autists do called “stimming”). Doing some things saps my energy reserves a lot (anything admin-related, for example). My sensitivity to how remarks may affect others is lower and slower than that of neurotypicals, so I am more likely to say inappropriate and hurtful things than neurotypicals. My spatial reasoning is much lower than my other reasoning abilities. I am more susceptible to depression and obsession than neurotypicals.