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Man, ballroom dancing is where it’s at. Tons of kino, tons of validation of the ladies by flourishes, close contact, and close faces. Breaks down a lot of barriers. Easy to transition to more kino off the floor.

There was this pretty 20-something who was into me while I was dancing–got all flushed and stuff with brows up, big shit-eating grin, etc. Moved her around in West Coast like she was putty and she dug it. Her boyfriend was cool with it, Idk why. :)

So there was this other chick, not as pretty, older, and she turned me on a lot more. More fascinating than pretty–great frame. Fantastic dancer. Serene, elegant in her walk, great posture, simultaneously mysterious and engaging. Very expressive eyes! Didn’t talk just to be talking, but when she did, she had something to say worth listening to.