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Well, I first noticed girls as girls when I was around 14.  I had my first date and kiss the same year.  I tended to obsess about one girl at a time.  Then, when I became 15, I petted a few girls whom I met at parties.  At first, I felt terrible about taking advantage of them, but eventually I came to realize that I was doing what they wanted.  I had been brainwashed into thinking that girls never cared about sex–that it was just a guy thing.

I can’t say that any of my romantic attempts showed any ability on my part to read signals that the girls gave.  I just tried stuff and it seemed to work.  I never aimed for really attractive girls and those I attracted seemed pleased with my behavior.  During two years of high school I was at an all-boys school and finding a girlfriend was very difficult.  I didn’t have a car at that time and meeting girls was limited mostly to parties given at the school.  So, I never had a girlfriend during that time.  Still, I managed to talk with girls at parties and neck some.

I switched school my senior year of high school.  I don’t remember having many dates–mostly all I did was just riding in a car with buddies and listening to music and doing my varsity sport, which was swimming.  I remember one time when one of the girl timers seemed to be staring at my trunks.  I caught her eye and she blushed.  I never followed that up by asking her out.  Stupid me, I didn’t take that as a signal of her interest.  She was dating another guy and I should have realized that she wanted to go out with me.  Bottom line, I never had a girlfriend in high school.

On to Venezuela for a summer trip.  I met a hottie and she invited me to go with her and some friends to the mountains.  Turns out that they were communists.  I had no clue.  I got sent far away for a while by my parents to keep me safe.

I spent a semester working after high school and had my own place.  I met a girl who wanted to move out of her parents’ house and get married.  She wouldn’t do more than pet without marriage.  Next.

On to college.  I took to dancing and looked like I knew what I was doing.  Some girls complimented me on my dancing.  Did some more stupid, pointless petting–first time with a drunk girl.  I felt really worthless after that.  Got friend-zoned for the first time by another girl.  It sucked and I moved on quickly.

Time for summer school.  I found a summer job and managed to find free places to stay while I attended summer school.  One of them was a girl’s room.  More on that later.